Week 1 – 100days project

Yay, a new line of blog posts about my illustrations! I was thinking about catching up with ‘my week in illustrations’ again, because it is so nice to draw every […]

#20 – My week in illustrations

When I started thinking about this weeks illustration, I was a bit empty. Or better said, I was judging the ideas that were popping up in my head quickly… ‘can’t […]

#19 – My week in illustrations

Autumn keeps fascinating me and I love to draw leaves, twigs, mushrooms and acorns. So that is what I drew for this weeks illustration.”Autumn paints in colours the summer has […]

#18- My week in illustrations

Last week I attended Talk & draw in Rotterdam. This is an event for all people who love to draw. A speaker is invited to tell about their work and […]

#17 – My week in illustrations

This weeks illustration is about the autumn again. Here in the Netherlands we have had an Indian summer the last few days. It was sunny and up to 24 degrees, […]

#16 – My week in illustrations

This weeks illustration is about a story told in the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elisabeth Gilbert. Last week this book popped up twice in conversations I had with other entrepreneurs […]

#15 – My week in illustrations

Last week I felt really ready for Autumn. I was so happy to get my fluffy scarfs out, put thicker thighs on who hug your legs and make liters of […]

#14 – My week in illustrations

It has been a while since my last weekly blog ‘my week in illustrations’. During the summer I enjoyed being outside and took some time off. Besides that I worked […]

#13 – My week in illustrations

It is summer! So I decided to draw a really nice summer dream :) I would be on a very quiet beach (sitting in the shade, because I burn really […]

#12 – My week in illustrations

This week I was traveling by train trough the Polder. This is the landscape in the Netherlands that has been made; we made land where there used to be water […]

#11 – My week in illustrations

This weeks illustration is actually not about what I did last week, but what I was thinking about all week. It was a very hot week and right this week […]

#10 – My week in illustrations

“Progress is better than perfection” I found this quote in my inbox the other week and it was a great reminder for me. Sometimes I tend to overthink things and […]

#9 – My week in illustrations

This was not a complete week :) Because of Pentecost Monday, my whole week felt scrambled up… so I actually kind of forgot about making an illustration, oops. So for […]

#8 – My week in illustrations

Last friday I went to the ‘make, do & illustrate’ afternoon at Studio Elle Aime. This is a lovely creative studio run by Lisa Manuels, where you can follow workshops […]

#7 – My week in illustrations

The theme of this weeks illustration was very simple! My boyfriend and me have our birthday 4 days after each other, so we started to call that week our partyweek […]

#6 – My week in illustrations

Pattern making is a fun thing to do, so I gave it a go with fun items I used or drew for other illustrations this week. The weather has (finally) […]

#5- My week in illustrations

This week was filled with something I can not show yet, so I did not have so much time for other illustrations. A quick one about the changing weather and […]

#4 – My week in illustrations

I was thinking what the theme of this weeks illustration should be, so I started thinking what I did that week. I met & talked to some other entrepreneurs, and […]

#3 – My week in illustrations

Week 3 already, these weeks seem to go so fast!! Ah well, last week was all about painting giraffe, bad weather and the awesome machinery of the Maritime museum in […]

#2 – My week in illustrations

Last week I had some doubts about what to do and how to do it… you know the feeling that all of a sudden there is one small, negative ‘doubt […]

#1 – My week in illustrations

¬†On the 4th of April the 100 days challenge started again. This is an online challenge to create your own creative project and do something creative every day for 100 […]

Creative life – what a blast!

Last weekend, 24 tot 26th of March, I joined the Creative life event in Utrecht. This was the first time I could show my work to a big audience and […]


A few weeks ago I bought a bunch of peonies on our Saturday market. Buying flowers is, for me, such a joy! These peonies were an explosion of colour, texture […]