Illustration – Totus training

An image is a powerful way of communicating: in a few seconds you can explain what it is all about. It is called visual storytelling. For Iene Lammers from Totus […]

Illustration – Kunst kwekerij

A gallery/co-workspace is now housed in a green house of a former horticultural company. I have made an illustration which is used on promotional materials for the Kunst kwekerij. Art […]

Christmas card – reindeer

Reindeer is ready for Christmas! This hand drawn illustrations shows reindeer being all dressed up for Christmas, including her red boots. Send this cute greeting card for Christmas or as […]

Christmas card – ice skating

Ice skating fun during the Christmas holiday. Send this cute greeting card for Christmas or as your seasonal greetings card. This hand drawn illustrations shows flamingo and dachshund skating and […]

Notepad – giraffe & penguin

Making a to-do list was never so much fun! This floral A5 notepad is great for all your notes or letter writing. This memo pad with an illustration of giraffe, […]

Postcard – Flower girl

This fun flower girl postcard makes everybody happy. This postcard is part of ‘little moments of joy’ collection, showing all those little pleasures of life. Like picking arms full of […]

Postcard – Jungle man

Let’s get lost! This fun jungle man postcard makes everybody happy. This tropical illustrated greeting card is perfect for your stationery collection or to send it to a friend. Or […]

Postcard – Reading girl

This cute illustration of a girl reading a book is full of imagination. This greeting card is perfect gift for a book lover or your own stationary collection. Or put […]

What I do – illustration

I wanted to show people in one image what I do as an illustrator, so I made an illustration about it. This makes it easier to communicate with people and […]

Poster – Stay curious

Stay curious! This flowery and cute poster reminds you to do so, because curiosity is the road to wonder! This A4 size poster is perfect to give as a present […]

Postcard – Pool party

Pool party! Time to have fun in the water. This postcard is part of the better together collection I have designed. I have drawn this image by hand first, afterwards […]

Postcard – Flowers & beetles

I have designed a whole new range of postcards. This flowers & beetles cards is a black and white drawing of flowers with a lot of colourful imaginary beetles on […]

Postcard – Hello

Hello! This colourful geometric postcard is perfect to say hello to your loved ones! I have drawn this pattern and letters by hand, afterwards I have assembled the postcard digitally […]

Postcard – Wonder more

This fun collage card hopefully inspires you (or others when you send them one) to wonder more. As a child we wonder a lot, ask why and what for all […]

Birth announcement card

For friends I have designed this birth announcement card. They love the water, nature, sailing and have a scandinavian inspired style. I have used these elements to design a card […]


This collage is based on my associations with the colour ‘piñata’, the name for a vivid apple-green. I am not sure why they named this green, pinata, but both the […]