kerstkaarten met illustratie

De kerstkaarten voor dit jaar zijn klaar!

Al in de zomervakantie begin ik er mee… brainstormen over de kerstkaarten. Net zoals vorig jaar was het in de week dat ik ermee begon erg warm :) Daar zit […]

Week 12 – 100 days illustration project

Maybe it is the summer temperatures, but my concentration is taking a holiday I think. Together with discipline :) But I did manage to make some drawings this week, and […]

Week 11 – 100 days illustration project

This was the first week I had some difficulties with drawing every day… I had less inspiration and less time, which makes it easier to postpone things… but well, I […]

Week 10 – 100 days illustration project

70% of this 100 days illustration challenge is finished :) I made it that far already, kinda proud of myself. The drawings of this week are a bit random, some […]

Week 9 – 100 days illustration project

This week I have drawn animals for my daily illustration project. I did not decide before that I would do a whole week of animal drawing, it just turned out […]

Week 8 – 100 days illustration project

This week I am half way into my 100 days illustration project, I have drawn my 50th character. Yay! So time to reflect a little bit :) Is it difficult? […]

Week 7 – 100 days illustration project

I am almost half way with this project, yay! This week I have drawn 49 characters, so only one character left… did I think I would keep up? Don’t know […]

Week 6 – 100 days illustration project

This is the sixth week of drawing every day. And was to be expected… sometimes it is hard ;)  Not drawing or thinking up characters, but actually for me it […]

Week 3 – 100days illustration project

Already week 3 of my 100days illustration project. And it has been a joy again to draw characters daily. This week I have tried out some different materials and styles. […]

Week 2 – 100days project

Week two of my 100 days project and I am having so much fun… it is not hard to draw every single day and for now I have loads of […]

Week 1 – 100days project

Yay, a new line of blog posts about my illustrations! I was thinking about catching up with ‘my week in illustrations’ again, because it is so nice to draw every […]

Teken workshop – Creatie lokaal Den Haag

Op zaterdag 14 april geef ik een uitgebreide versie van de Love-to-draw workshop in het Creatielokaal in Den Haag. Voor iedereen die vroeger ook veel tekende, maar daar mee opgehouden […]

Love to draw workshop – Creative life

Tekende jij vroeger ook veel, maar ben je daar mee opgehouden? Wil je eigenlijk wel weer gaan tekenen, maar weet je niet waar je moet beginnen en hoe? Ben je […]

Landidee magazine

In the winter edition of Landidee magazine was a nice story about my winterwonderland cards. Landidee is a magazine about enjoying the life in- and outdoors. You can find a […]

Sinterklaas inpakservice

Het Sinterklaasfeest komt er weer aan! De tijd van schoencadeaus, pepernoten en een leuke surpriseavond. Het is erg leuk om een mooi en passend cadeau voor vrienden of familie te […]

En de winnaar is….

Op vrijdag 10 November was ik bij Motiflow op bezoek voor het designer event. En die dag werd ook de winnaar van de sinterklaas patroon wedstrijd bekend gemaakt. Maar eerst […]

My cards at PUP store Breda

My playful illustrated cards of the ‘better together’ collection and the ‘winterwonderland’ collection are now available in PUP store in Breda. This platform for new designers, makers and creative people […]

#20 – My week in illustrations

When I started thinking about this weeks illustration, I was a bit empty. Or better said, I was judging the ideas that were popping up in my head quickly… ‘can’t […]

#19 – My week in illustrations

Autumn keeps fascinating me and I love to draw leaves, twigs, mushrooms and acorns. So that is what I drew for this weeks illustration.”Autumn paints in colours the summer has […]

#18- My week in illustrations

Last week I attended Talk & draw in Rotterdam. This is an event for all people who love to draw. A speaker is invited to tell about their work and […]

The winter wonderland cards

My winter wonderland cards are online. These cute cards are perfect to send for Christmas or as a seasonal greeting. There are five hand drawn designs, showing the animals of […]

#17 – My week in illustrations

This weeks illustration is about the autumn again. Here in the Netherlands we have had an Indian summer the last few days. It was sunny and up to 24 degrees, […]

#16 – My week in illustrations

This weeks illustration is about a story told in the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elisabeth Gilbert. Last week this book popped up twice in conversations I had with other entrepreneurs […]

#15 – My week in illustrations

Last week I felt really ready for Autumn. I was so happy to get my fluffy scarfs out, put thicker thighs on who hug your legs and make liters of […]