#14 – My week in illustrations

It has been a while since my last weekly blog ‘my week in illustrations’. During the summer I enjoyed being outside and took some time off. Besides that I worked really hard on a new collection and my presentation at the trade fair ShowUP. But now it is time to start with this fun, weekly visual diary again. Since the last few weeks have been quite rainy, leaves are starting to fall, and it is officially autumn, I thought this would be a good theme for this weeks illustration.

Last weekend we were walking in the forest and we saw a lot of different mushrooms and leaves starting to turn yellow, orange, brown and red. It hard stormed a few days before, so there were a lot of branches, leaves, acorns and rose-hips scattered around. I took that as inspiration to draw a n autumn pattern.

I am starting to explore new materials. I am very familiar and thus comfortable with drawing with markers. But I want to explore other materials and techniques too, so I made this pattern using water colour paint. I really love how you can blend colours with watercolour and you can make a lot of pretty colours. Sometimes I forget that I have to leave the paint to dry, making some parts a bit messy :) And I have to get used to that this medium is harder to predict or control in a way… But I love the result and colours of this fall inspired pattern! Hope you do too.





Week 38 – September 18th – September 24th