#12 – My week in illustrations

This week I was traveling by train trough the Polder. This is the landscape in the Netherlands that has been made; we made land where there used to be water before. It has a special feel; it is really flat and the landscape feels very linear. When traveling by train you can see all the different pastures and crops on them. It gave me the idea to capture this landscape in a very abstract illustration. The lines and colour blocks were the most appealing to me and how the changed because of the train moving.

I decided to try a new medium for this illustration, gouache paint. It is easy to mix a lot of colour shades with paint, which was good for the colour blocking. And I tried to keep it super simple. For me now the illustration kind of feels too basic, but I resisted the urged to add more details or change it. Abstract painting is new for me too, so a real experiment this week. It was a good distraction between drawing my Christmas cards :)



Week 26 – June 26th – July 2nd