#10 – My week in illustrations

“Progress is better than perfection” I found this quote in my inbox the other week and it was a great reminder for me. Sometimes I tend to overthink things and get stuck in the process. Things then take a lot of time or get postponed, because I want it to be perfect. But doing things always feels better, taking steps, because then things are happening and moving. You have to get in action to start building on a dream. So this was a great reminder by Craftsposure and I used it for this weeks illustration.

I have been making patterns like the below a lot last weeks. It started as a warm-up doodle exercise. I just drew shapes with coloured markers, afterwards I would make something of it with a fine liner. It is a very easy and fun way to start the day. It is also a good exercise to just start drawing without an plan. Now I have a lot of pages filled with patterns like this. I used this ‘technique’ in the background of this illustration, with all tools I need in my business. Drawing materials of course, but also coffee and flowers are quite essential to me too!

This quote also motivated me to to somethings that I postponed for a while, so it really helped me. I think I have to frame this illustration somewhere in my studio to keep reminding me ; )



Week 24 – June 12th – June 18th