#9 – My week in illustrations

This was not a complete week :) Because of Pentecost Monday, my whole week felt scrambled up… so I actually kind of forgot about making an illustration, oops. So for this week a quick sketch about camping. We have been trying to plan our summer holiday, we know where we want to go and we know we want to go camping, we just need to find a tent. So we can go out and relax like this guy is doing in front of his tent. What are your plans for the summer holiday?

In the background I used some ecoline ink, which gives great colour and flow to the drawing. I just realized too late, the paper I used was not really suited for wet materials… so the paper started creasing a bit. To try to fix this, I actually ironed this drawing before scanning it :) (I do not even iron my clothes, haha) It worked just fine actually, so I learned another thing along the way!

In this illustration I also tried not to overthink things, a theme I have been practicing the last week or so. For me it means starting earlier with an illustration, so before making a lot of sketches first. It also means to just try out things and see if they work along the way. In this illustration I used gouache paint to make the grass, without even a plan before doing it… I might not be perfect, but it works just fine… I guess that is another lesson for this week :)

Week 23 – June 5th – June 11th