#8 – My week in illustrations

Last friday I went to the ‘make, do & illustrate’ afternoon at Studio Elle Aime. This is a lovely creative studio run by Lisa Manuels, where you can follow workshops or just join this afternoon full of drawing (and cookies!). I decided I wanted to work with other materials then I usually do, so I got out the watercolour paint. I experimented a bit with the colours, how to blend them and mix them.



With Ascension day we spend a long weekend on Texel, one of the dutch Waddeneilanden. We rented a tandem bike and biked around the whole island. The weather was great; a bit windy (but on a tandem bike that is not really a problem) and sunny! Dunes, sandy beaches, meadows and a lot of birds! It was a great get away.

I decided I wanted to make an illustration about that long weekend, catching the colours of Texel in watercolour paint. What I really like about this materials, is the easy mixing of colours and the fluid look it keeps after drying. So I made a few gradient papers of the sky colours, water colours and the dune colours. I cut them into stripes, to make one big gradient, from sky to sand. To make it a bit stronger, I added a black silhouette of our tandem bike and a passe-partout with black icons of the weekend.

I have the feeling I really have to practice with watercolour paint, but this was a fun start to it.



Week 22 – May 29th – June 4th