#7 – My week in illustrations

The theme of this weeks illustration was very simple! My boyfriend and me have our birthday 4 days after each other, so we started to call that week our partyweek :) It kind of means that we eat cake a few days in a row (or even 4 or 5, if there is some left :)) and we do nice things together. Because after our party week it was Ascension day and a free Friday, we had an extra extended party week this year! We spend 4 days on Texel, one of the islands of the Netherlands, and had a great time enjoying the sun and riding our tandem bike :) Thanks you for all the birthday wishes & orders in my etsy shop, it made it an extra special birthday!

As a start for this illustration I sketched all things related to birthdays… does it say anything about me that I sketched cake mostly?! Haha, well we had some lovely cake, so I guess my cravings have been full filled. :)





I decided it would be fun to design my own birthday cake, one that looks very festive and yummy! And with more layers, so that there would be enough for everybody! And of course flowers and confetti, because a good celebration always needs those two! It is a good thing we all ready had  some cake when I was drawing this, because drawing cake makes you want to eat cake! The cake turned out really sweet and festive!



Ok, back to a normal week now… will take a bit of getting used to I guess….


Week 20 – May 22nd – May 28th 2017