#4 – My week in illustrations

I was thinking what the theme of this weeks illustration should be, so I started thinking what I did that week. I met & talked to some other entrepreneurs, and I noticed that a lot of people I work with are women. And a lot of those women want to uplift other women, by giving them more confidence and tools to feel stronger and perform better in this way… I quite like that idea, so I decided my illustration should be about sisterhood this week. I did a short brainstorm about what that means for me, and what the clichés are and how I could make this illustration work without those clichés. I wanted to also try a different style of drawing, a bit stronger, as it also fits perfectly with this theme.



I made some studies with different compositions.  I chose for a simple composition, where one woman is behind the other, with just a hand on the shoulder, to show the support she is giving. Because sometimes it is just that simple… giving small support by listening, or giving some good advice and just being there for each other can make a big difference in the end.

I used black fine liner and some pencil to make it a strong graphic illustration and added some vivid colours, but in stripes to also add to the graphic, bold feel. I think it has become a simple & strong illustration about sisterhood.




Week 18 – May 1st – May 7th 2017