#3 – My week in illustrations

Week 3 already, these weeks seem to go so fast!! Ah well, last week was all about painting giraffe, bad weather and the awesome machinery of the Maritime museum in Rotterdam. Which I combined into one illustration.

I decided to make a very big version of giraffe, penguin and flamingo (of one of my cards) to take with me to markets and such. So I had these characters laser cut out of wood and then painted them in the right colours. So much fun to do! And this Sunday was the first time that they accompanied me, to the Hofbogen designer market. This was a very nice market for me to sell my postcards & posters, between other passionate and creative makers! It was intimate, ambient and windy!! I had everything wrapped in elastic band, so it would not fly off :) But, it was also the best day of last week temperature wise… finally the sun was out and the people were happy. The whole week had been very cold, rainy and even stormy (with hailstones… yikes!). You really had to paint your own rainbow last week :)

On Tuesday evening I went to Talk & draw 010, a lovely event for people who love to draw together in Rotterdam. There was a very nice talk by Marloes de Vries, who let us in on how to start as an illustrator (very useful tips for me :)). Afterwards we sat down together and started to draw (and talk!) What a nice way to meet other illustrators and have a casual chat about the job. And meet loads of people who love to draw. I was a little shy drawing in public, but well, next time I guess will be easier already.

Walking there took me through the awesome machinery of the Maritime museum. They have all sorts of cranes and machines, which sparked my imagination immediately. I love how these machines look like some weird animals and are very dedicated to a particular task, which will define the form they will have.

Back home I started sketching some of these machines and then realized the giraffe had to be on there, painting a rainbow :)


I wanted to make the cloud look really dark & rainy, so I added a lot of layers. First in markers and also in coloured pencil, in loose swooshes and strokes. The rainbow was painted over it afterwards. I love the result!




Week 17 – April 24th – 30th 2017