#2 – My week in illustrations

Last week I had some doubts about what to do and how to do it… you know the feeling that all of a sudden there is one small, negative ‘doubt monster’ in your head and after only a short while there are hundreds jumping up and down and shouting out loud? Well it was kinda like that. So I decided to draw them, just for fun and to not listen to all there stupid comments. And that was loads of fun and it actually helped getting rid of them. I could not even draw them very angry or scary, they turned out to be pretty cute, haha….



I had the idea to draw all these monsters and their words on/in my head, having some sort of protest march, with them holding signs and shouting out loud, to illustrate what sometimes happens inside my head :) This was the sketch I made of this idea.


The sketch above is a bit to comic-style, it just did not have the right feel for me. So for the final illustration I made a more realistic portrait of myself, with all my (cute) little monsters.




I am really happy with the result of this week! And all the monsters have gone :)




Week 16 – April 17th – 23rd 2017