#1 – My week in illustrations

 On the 4th of April the 100 days challenge started again. This is an online challenge to create your own creative project and do something creative every day for 100 days in a row. The idea is whatever you do, if you do it every day you will improve & learn a lot. I really hesitated if I would do this, I liked the idea of drawing every single day and having some kind of motivation/ guideline for it… I just did not like the idea to post every single day, because I kinda like my offline weekend days too :)

So I decided I wanted to draw every day, but make a weekly post about it… so here it is, my week in illustrations #1! The idea is to make (at least) one illustration per week, inspired by things I did or saw that week. I will make a short blog post about it, sharing some sketches, thoughts en things about the process too.

Last week (due to Easter and my super last minute Easter hunt decision, I did not have time to post this blog before) was all about spring… my small garden is in full bloom with tulips and blue hyacints (muscari). Even the apple tree we cut down very severe last fall has some small blossoms in it, which makes me really happy (we did not kill it :)) I also got some new markers of a friend who did not use them anymore…. I was as happy as a small kid during Sinterklaas :) I love the colours, most of all the mint green! So, I combined all these element into one illustrations, cutting out the separate drawings and making a sort of collage… hope you like it!




I drew all elements separate and cut them out to make a collage illustrations with it. I added some graphic elements, like dots & stripes for the colour and composition.


It was fun to document my week in this way, I am already working on the one of this week :) Stay tuned!


You can follow me on instagram to see more illustrations/photo’s. I have made a new hashtag for these post #myweekinillustrations which you can follow.





Week 15 – April 10th – 16th 2017