Creative life – what a blast!

Last weekend, 24 tot 26th of March, I joined the Creative life event in Utrecht. This was the first time I could show my work to a big audience and the first time this event was being organized… so it was an exciting weekend…. And as it turns out, I absolutely loved it!!

The event was styled lovely and had an enthusiastic and young audience. There were so many other great makers, selling their own work and connecting to each other with positive vibes only. There were loads of lectures & workshops you could attend, which really made it a fun & inspiring day out for visitors!

With my new work on the table I could observe the reactions of the audience, which was a fun thing to do. I think almost everybody got a smile on their faces seeing my work, the animal illustrations & ladidaa poster being the favourite smile-accelerators :) Having chats with people really made my day too… so if you were one of the happy people I spoke to: a big thank you to you! It really made this event a great one for me!!

I guess if you did not attend, you would love to see what it looked like? I have taken a lot of photo’s, because the location (the Werkspoorkathedraal) is lovely in it self already. It is an old industrial factory where they would fix and maintain trains. The light there was just beautiful! There were loads of instagram worthy spots too :)



Welcome to my world of wonder!

I wanted my stand to be both colourful and simple. So I put all my cards & posters up the wall in simple white frames. In this way the cards were in a way organized, but the whole collection was still one. This is what my stand looked like:



During the event I gave a workshop about making collages, once a day. This was the first time I did this and it turned out to be so much fun. I would clear out the table and pile loads of magazines on it. The ladies started searching for beautiful images which caught their eye. Once they had some photo’s to choose from, they would start by choosing their focus image and build a new image from there. I think I was able to help every attendant to make their own personal collage, the results were really wonder-ful! Thanks to all you lovely ladies who attended and made this try-out a success for me!




I have met loads of superfriendly and fun people these 3 days! Visitors and co-creators. My nice neighbours of sterkonline, motiflow & atelier indrukwekkend for instance. And other lovely makers like hipaholic, geo leo and little things that make you happy. Please go check out their work & spread the love!

I guess there is just one more thing to say: Thank you!! To the lovely organizers of this event: Manon & Sabrina! To all of the enthusiastic visitors with whom I had all sorts of lovely chats! To all my fellow co-creators for the positive vibes and enthusiasm to create & make this event together. To my boyfriend who has helped my out big time by always supporting me

Thank you!! And see you next year!