Welcome to my world of wonder!

I illustrate, I design and I draw. In assignment or for my own collection. With wonder, an eye for details and loads of love. I am Nynke, illustrator & creative explorer. I make illustrations, (art) prints, postcards & products. I love to experiment, wonder and try things out; therefor I named my shop a wonderlab.... Design wonderlab. I live and work in lovely Delft in the Netherlands.



An image is a strong way to communicate. I put my joy of making fully into the designs I make, which shows. I draw birth announcement cards, wedding invites or party invites, for instance. Or anything you would like me to design. By listening and asking questions I try to get to know the real you, so I can make a design that fits you completely.


My own collection

In the drawings for my own collection I can put all my wonder, joy and fantasy too. I have created postcards and posters to brighten up your day and add a little wonder to it. You can find them in my shop.



Illustration – Totus training

An image is a powerful way of communicating: in a few seconds you can explain what it is all about. It is called visual storytelling. For Iene Lammers from Totus […]

Illustration – Kunst kwekerij

A gallery/co-workspace is now housed in a green house of a former horticultural company. I have made an illustration which is used on promotional materials for the Kunst kwekerij. Art […]

What I do – illustration

I wanted to show people in one image what I do as an illustrator, so I made an illustration about it. This makes it easier to communicate with people and […]

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My own collection

Poster – reading girl A4

This cute illustration of a girl reading a book is full of imagination. This fun A4 poster is a perfect gift for a book lover. Or put this art print […]

Poster – bear & squirrel A4

This cute A4 poster shows bear and squirrel on their nightly adventures. The print will look great on any nursery or kids room. I have hand drawn this illustration with […]

Poster – flower girl A4

This floral, botanical A4 poster with a girl picking wildflowers makes a room so cheerful! It will look great in the living room, bedroom, or hall. I have hand drawn […]

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Week 2 – 100days project

Week two of my 100 days project and I am having so much fun… it is not hard to draw every single day and for now I have loads of […]

Week 1 – 100days project

Yay, a new line of blog posts about my illustrations! I was thinking about catching up with ‘my week in illustrations’ again, because it is so nice to draw every […]

#20 – My week in illustrations

When I started thinking about this weeks illustration, I was a bit empty. Or better said, I was judging the ideas that were popping up in my head quickly… ‘can’t […]

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